Why Fall Pest Control Is So Important

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Termite ManagementWant to know why Fall pest control is so important? read on. If you’re a homeowner then you likely have had to deal with pests. They can range from a bug that plagues your home to rodents you hear in the walls. They are an overall nuisance that can cause extensive damage to your home. Although some people know that they need to treat their home in the summer, they forget about fall. The reality is that fall pest control is very important for a number of reasons.

Termites and Winter

First of all, termites damage your home all year round. Though in winter it may be freezing outside, they are safe and sound…buried in your home’s wood. They aren’t just resting either. Instead, they are busy at work burrowing pathways through your framing and support beams. The biggest problem with termites is that oftentimes homeowners don’t realize the damage until it’s so far gone that they need hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repairs.

Second, rodents are just roaming the earth to find warm places when winter is coming. They know that they still need to create nests and find food. What better place to do that than in a nice warm house? All they need is a tiny hole somewhere in the foundation and they are in. Anyone who has struggled with rodents knows that just one brings a lot more very quickly.

Rodents and Disease

The other thing about fall pest control is that it can stave off diseases and viruses. Those critters that roam into your home are not clean by any means. Just think of the outdoor places they roam: sewers, gutters, on the ground, etc. Every place they frequent is rife with bacteria. If they come into your home, they are bringing that bacteria with them. Remember that bacteria is invisible to the naked eye so you don’t know if your food, drinks, or surfaces are tainted. You likely clean your home regularly, but an insect spreading disease can do so seconds after you clean a surface.

On top of diseases and viruses, bugs also can bite. Ticks, fleas, wasps and spiders love to find warm places where they can spend the winter months. They roam around and if they find a warm body, they bite. Did you ever wake up in the morning with a bite and have no idea where it came from? Likely it was a critter roaming through the night.
These are some of the main reasons why fall pest control is so important. It will shore up your home for the cold winter months when everyone and everything is looking to stay inside. Rather than worry about getting rid of pests and critters when they are already burrowed deeply within your home, take proactive precautions to keep them out in the first place!

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