Facts, Identification & Control


Different Crickets species vary in size and appearance. Most crickets are however identifiable by their long thin antennae and large jumping hind legs.


Crickets like damp and moist habitats. They are usually active at night and a few types are attracted to lights.


Crickets are not choosy eaters. They consume any organic material, that is, both plants and other insects.


Crickets sometimes infest homes. They can ruin your cloths, curtains, and other upholstery material. They are also a nuisance due to their loud chirping noises.

Cricket Control & Prevention

To get rid of crickets the property must be kept free of moist areas, especially areas in and around the house. The next key step towards cricket control is to seal entry points including door and window frames, to ensure that crickets don’t get it. Dealing with a cricket infestation is best done by a pest management professionals who have the knowledge and skills needed for it.

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